Beloved Acres in Lebanon Tennessee Standing Spotted, Homozygous and Tennessee Walking Horses

Rock's Dakota Thunder
Ace Cream

We are proud of our tradition of producing quality horses for show or pleasure. We have horses of all ages for sale. All are registered Tennessee Walking Horses. Although we do specialize in color it is not our main objective. A horse must meet certain criteria, mainly in three areas, disposition, gait and conformation. We raise palominos, cremellos, spotted saddle and all colors of the solid Tennessee Walking Horses.
Pictured here are two of our stallions: Rock's Dakota Thunder and Ace Cream.

Champions From Beloved Acres

Whether you are looking for the sire of your next colt or a horse ready for riding or showing, Beloved Acres has a tradition of producing quality horses.
Let us show you some of the great ones as well as some prospects for the future.


Featuring Beloved Acres Dairy Lineup:
ADGA Registered Purebred -

  • Saanens
  • Alpines
  • Nubians

We also have recorded experimental does. Our goal is to have disease free healthy goats.

Congratulations to Dakota's Mr. John and Melissa

Congratulations to Melissa from Ohio for her purchase of this magnificent young Stallion. He is Show quality and has the looks, size and the ability to promote, add to, and grace any breeding program he is is involved in.....Looking forward to many great comments about "Mr. John" and his progeny.....Such a wonderful experience to meet Melissa and Kelly.......


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